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Wildlife Monitoring and Research

IWe have been monitoring trends in large mammal populations and space-use on the Reserve since late 2016 using ground transects.  In 2020, camera trap surveys were added as a way to monitor more cryptic species that ground transects are not well suited for, such as large carnivores.  In 2023, an aerial survey was conducted to determine buffalo, elephant, hippo and crocodile numbers.  Also in 2023 was the first giraffe-specific survey was conducted south of the previously-accepted southern range boundary for the sub-species, thanks to Nicola Carruthers reporting the occurrence of giraffe and need for updated population and range estimates.

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Vulture Safe Zone

We are the first wildlife area Vulture Safe Zone in Zambia - an initiative by BirdWatch Zambia with support from National Geographic and BirdLife International. 

This means we look after our vultures and facilitate vulture monitoring and research. 

To learn more about BirdWatch Zambia, click here. 

We are proud to be a Vulture Safe Zone
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