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Wildlife Monitoring and Research

In 2016, Munyamadzi Game Reserve partnered with Lion Landscapes - an independent conservation and research NGO affiliated with Oxford University's prestigious WildCRU.  Lion Landscapes designed, provided en-situ training to the anti-poaching scouts and implemented the programme in late 2016. 

The monitoring system was designed to be cost effective, using only ground-based methods implemented by local scouts and Munyamadzi management, and yet be based on the latest methods and provide accurate publishable data. The programme is supervised by Lion Landscapes, implemented by our ecologist Nicky, the general manager Thor and the anti-poaching scouts.

What do we monitor?

We monitor all mammal species from the size of a duiker upwards, and Southern Ground Hornbill. We are particularly interested in the endangered or vulnerable species living on Munyamadzi e.g. African wild dog, lions, and Southern Ground Hornbill. We also monitor the occurrence of illegal activities such as the poaching of firewood, fish or wildlife.

These data allow us to monitor trends in occupancy (where a species is/is not present), abundance (population estimates), likely future trends (based on sex and age ratios for certain species), and prevalence and spread of illegal activities, if any.

If you would like to support this work, click here.  If you would like to take part, contact us.

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Vulture Safe Zone

We are the first wildlife area Vulture Safe Zone in Zambia - an initiative by BirdWatch Zambia with support from National Geographic and BirdLife International. 

This means we look after our vultures and facilitate vulture monitoring and research. 

To learn more about BirdWatch Zambia, click here. 

We are proud to be a Vulture Safe Zone
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