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Getting to Munyamadzi Game Reserve

Camp location




We have a licensed 1 km grass airstrip.  The flight from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka is about an hour and the airstrip is a 5 mins drive from camp.

Charter planes can be arranged for small (4-seater plane) and larger groups (10-seater plane).  The main constraint is usually luggage (space and weight) so please keep this in mind if you are planning on flying to Munyamadzi.



Munyamadzi is a 6 – 8 hour drive from Lusaka, depending on the condition of the roads.  Good tar extends from Lusaka to Nyimba, where you turn onto a dirt road for approximately 65 km.  Fuel is available as you leave Lusaka and in Nyimba, a 4 hour drive from Lusaka; Gerry cans are a good idea.

You will get away without a 4×4 when the roads are dry (late May - end of November) but good vehicle clearance remains imperative.  The 2×4 Hilux and Ford Rangers are perfectly capable of getting you to camp and around most of the Reserve.  Make sure you have the jack and spare tyre handy in case of a puncture and plenty of drinking water.


Click here to download the directions for driving to Munyamadzi Game Reserve from Lusaka.

General travel information


Zambia has three distinct seasons:

  • Hot dry season: August to November; temperatures reach 45 C

  • Cold dry season: April/May to August; temperatures drop to 8 C at night but it's usually above 20 C during the day

  • Wet season: November to April/May; daytime temperatures can be very hot with bursts of rain bringing temperatures down to near 20 C

Each of these seasons offer visitors a different perspective of the Reserve and different success in game viewing.   June to September are the best months for photographic safaris as the temperatures are not too high, there is less foliage to obstruct game viewing and animals are concentrated around the few remaining water sources.

NOTE: the camp is closed between December and the following May as roads are inaccessible and game viewing is poor.


Note that malaria is present all over Zambia therefore we advise you take prophylaxis.  Please consult your doctor about which medications are available to you.

Please consult your doctor about which vaccinations are recommended for your trip to Zambia. In the event of an emergency, vaccinations are available in Zambia such as rabies and tetanus.


Tsetse flies are present in all wildlife areas in Zambia, we strongly recommend all guests to purchase a product with high PICARIDIN content to keep tsetse flies away.  Avon Skin-so-Soft Bug Guard Plus, Sawyer Insect Repellent, Ranger Ready or Autan will do the trick and are available from Cabela's, BassPro, and

Personal medications & Medical Insurance

Please bring all your personal medication with you, ensuring that you have enough for the entire duration of your trip plus at least one week extra in case of flight delays, etc.

We advise you purchase medical insurance that will cover you in Zambia and Southern Africa.  Medical air evacuation is worth considering as Munyamadzi is a good two-hour drive from the nearest District Hospital and it is much better to be air lifted to Lusaka for serious incidents.


First aid

The camp has a first aid kit however we advise you bring a few common items with you such as plasters/band-aids, antiseptic ointment for small scratches and cuts, antihistamine ointment for bug bites and pain killers in the event you have a head ache.

If you have allergies we suggest you bring an EpiPen and your choice of antihistamine medications.  We do NOT have an EpiPen at camp.

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