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Get involved

You can support our work by: booking a stay at our camp, donating a sum a money or sending us an item.

This is a list of the most useful items currently, please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

We guarantee that your donations will be used for the purpose you have chosen  We are happy to provide copies of receipts. 

Lion Landscapes can receive donations from the USA through Houston Zoo by using the donate button.  The Tax ID for Houston Zoo is 74-1590271.

For non-USA donations, please contact us for details.

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Support resource protection work​

  1. Sponsor a patrol tent: $100

  2. Sponsor a 5-day patrol: $200

  3. Provide a solar set-up for 1 household to deter elephants: $150

  4. Print 5 copies of Human-Wildlife Coexistence handbooks: $50

  5. Sponsor a chili-block-making community meeting: $150

  6. Sponsor 10 chili seedlings: $15

Support wildlife monitoring and research

  1. Sponsor running costs for one transect survey: $260

  2. Buy a camera trap with protective steel case and lock cable: $300

  3. Sponsor a rugged smart phone for SMART Mobile: $350

  4. Collar a lion (includes vet fees, collar, data download for one year): $7,000

  5. Sponsor additional training and capacity building for our scouts: $50

  6. Sponsor a Lion Extension Officer for 1 month: $150

  7. Sponsor a bicycle for a Lion Extension Officer: $100

school rooms.jpg

Support rural education

  1. Sponsor a pupil at a day secondary school for: one year $70, one term $23

  2. Provide books for 10 children: $10

  3. Provide pens/pencils for 10 children: $5

  4. Provide 5 boxes of crayons: $20

  5. Provide a new table: $30

  6. Provide 4 new chairs: $30

  7. Provide an educational poster: $20

  8. Sponsor a teacher's house: $15,000

  9. Sponsor a 3-room classroom block: $90,000

  10. Sponsor a pupil at Nyimba Secondary boarding school for: one year $450

Support health care

  1. Provide 2 blankets: $25

  2. Provide 2 pillows: $25

  3. Provide bed linens: $30

  4. Provide a new delivery bed: $375

  5. Provide basic medication (prescriptions written by clinic officers): $50

  6. Contribute to the "Youth Room" (sexual and psychological health): $50

Clean drinking water

  1. Sponsor a borehole and hand-pump for clean drinking water: $4,000

  2. Provide a "Roll out the Barrel" water barrel for a disadvantaged household: $50

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