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Thor Kirchner

General manager

Josh Stephenson


Camp staff

Nelson - Head Chef

Peter - Assistant chef & community liaison

Patrick & Adson- Waiters

Kayombo & Lemmy - Grounds keeper

Gertrude & Bridget - Room attendants

Davie - Workshop foreman

Eddie - Assistant Carpenter & Plumber

Charles - "The Muscle"

Anti-poaching scouts

Besamu- Head Scout

Anderson, Boniface, Peter, Mocks, Mike, Juma, White, Fastone, Bembe, Howard

The Luembe Ladies: Tomaida, Tasila, Ngoza, Beatrice & Dorris

More than half of our employees are reformed poachers and our women employees are single mothers.

Resident "Extras"

John - safari assistant

Nicky - ecologist, Lion Landscapes Zambia

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