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Sustainable Utilisation of Natural Resources

Sustainable utilisation – or sustainable hunting – is the main source of income for Munyamadzi Game Reserve.  While we appreciate, and acknowledge, that not all forms of hunting are sustainable or ethical we would like to reassure our guests that hunting at Munyamadzi Game Reserve:

  1. Is conducted by a licensed Professional Hunter with over a decade of experience in Zambia who is also the Reserve manager and thus knows the resident wildlife populations and trends

  2. Is controlled, regulated and monitored by the Zambia Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) who set the quota annually based on wildlife populations, check hunt return forms and trophy quality

  3. Benefits local communities directly through venison distribution, 5% daily rates of total hunt cost is given to the Community Resources Board and job availability

  4. Strictly follows sustainable guidelines for harvesting wildlife resources in the country set by DNPW and animals are selected so as to not damage family groups, genetic flow or population health and viability

  5. Is conducted within the unfenced area of Munyamadzi Game Reserve

  6. Provides crucial income that supports the wildlife monitoring programme, anti-poaching, fire management and other conservation activities at the Reserve.


The wildlife monitoring programme is in place to track wildlife population trends, identify large carnivores, monitor trophy quality and community benefits from sustainable use at Munyamadzi and neighbouring properties.  We supply the Department of National Parks and Wildlife with these data.

For more information on our policies regarding sustainable utilisation, please do no hesitate to contact us.

We plan to replace income generated by sustainable utilisation with other income streams, but until that is possible we maintain our current management policies to continue conserving this part of the Lower Luangwa Valley.

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